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Facts about Management

History of Management:
Management as a discipline has a long history. However, modern concepts of management began to develop strongly in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Management theories such as Frederick Taylor’s theory of scientific management and Henry Fayol’s principles of administrative management had a significant influence on the formation of modern management techniques.

Management in the Information Age:
With the development of technology, management is also undergoing changes. The information age (late 20th and early 21st century) has begun to emphasise information technology and its role in management. Information systems, data analytics and digital tools have become an integral part of effective management.

Agile Management (Agile):
Agile management (Agile) methodologies have become widespread in various business sectors. The Agile approach involves flexibility and adaptability in project management, allowing you to respond quickly to changes in the work environment and better meet the needs of your clients.

Knowledge Management:
Knowledge management has become an important aspect of modern business. Organisations are not only looking to manage material resources, but also to leverage the knowledge of their employees. Knowledge is becoming a key competitive advantage and managers are actively looking for ways to capture, transfer and use it in the organisation.

Sustainable Management:
With the increasing awareness of environmental and social responsibility issues, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to implement sustainable management principles. Organisations are focusing on environmental sustainability, social impact and ethical management to create long-term value for all stakeholders.

These facts emphasise that management is a dynamic field, constantly adapting to changing conditions and requirements of business and society.

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