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"A Match Made Somewhere: Big Data and the Internet of Everything"

TOP MANAGEMENT - IT get together in 2015 !
A unique face to face!
May 28 2015 - Lunch Time
Languages: Dutch - English - French

For the 7th time running the yearly meeting of the largest  CEOs network and the most important
databases of the technological companies and their CIOs of important companies in Belgium present: 

Main questions for an exceptional panel discussion CEOs & CIOs

with the following personalities who have already firmly accepted to join us!


Martine Bayens
Regional Director BENEFRA
Bisnode AB

« Connecting new Data, Technology & People »
Monica Beltrametti, Keynote Speaker - Chief Services Research Officer Worldwide and VP Xerox Innovation Group

« Data and the Digitization of Business Models »
André Bouffioux
CEO Siemens BeLux

« From Big Data to Smart Data : challenges and opportunities »
Introduction by Marc Lambotte
CEO Agoria
Ulrich Penzkofer, CEO NRB – Network Research Belgium
Maître Philippe Laurent
Cousel Marx Van Ranst Vermeersch & Partners.

Guiding thread:

In collaboration with the magazine SOLUTIONS – Business Technologies


CEOs-CIOs Strategic Meeting – 28th May 2015 from 11:30 to 15:00

Theme:"A Match Made Somewhere: Big Data and the Internet of Everything"
Place: Diamant Center – Boulevard Reyerslaan – B-1030 Brussels
Date: 28th May 2015
Time: 11:30 to 15:00

For the seventh year running, TOP MANAGEMENT & AGORIA are organizing a meeting between the CEOs and CIOs.
The aim of this meeting is to get together the CEOs, the IT managers so that they can think together about the concrete strategic issues in which the IT people play a major role.

The Internet of Things promises to change industries such as insurance and public utilities. To enjoy the benefits, companies must change how they store and analyze Big Data.

What do SAS, Cisco, Duke Energy and AT&T have in common? They are all big proponents of the Internet of Things (IoT), also often called the Industrial Internet.

The central idea behind IoT is that sensors and microchips can be placed anywhere and everywhere to create a collective network that connects devices and generates data. Instead of that data sitting in an information silo where it is accessible to only a few specialists, it becomes part of a Big Data "lake" where it can be analyzed in the context of other information.

"The Internet of Things means everything will have an IP address," said Jim Davis, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, SAS.

Project of the lunch /debate programme:

- Introduction by the President of the CEOs-CIOs, Marc Lambotte, CEO Agoria.
- Keynote speaker IBM
- Keynote speaker Xerox (Monica Beltrametti, Chief Services Research Officer Worldwide and VP Xerox Innovation Group)
- Analysis by CEOS (André Bouffioux, Ulrich Penzkofer ...)
- Conclusions by the President Marc Lambotte, CEO AGORIA

Target : the leaders of all the B2C and B2B companies

Organized by TOP MANAGEMENT Europe in collaboration with AGORIA, Bisnode, IBM, NRB, Xerox, Alichec, Alumni Solvay Business School, ICHEC-Entreprises et Guberna




« Connecting new Data, Technology & People » - Martine Bayens

« Today, all marketers & IT-ers encounter turbulent times. Turbulence caused by the amplitude of big data created every millisecond on this planet, the fast paced evolution of multiple technologies and most importantly the rapidly changing expectations of our customers due to the internet of ‘everything’. Consumers become actors in the Marketing story. How do CMO’s & CIO’s continue to perform well in these turbulent environments? How do we deal with these disruptions that are happening all around us? How do we meet our customer’s expectations? How do we adopt new ways of thinking and turn all this into opportunities? This can only be done by connecting new Data, Technology & People. »

« Data and the Digitization of Business Models » - Monica Beltrametti

« Technology, big data and analytics are having a profound impact on industries and business models. Dr Beltrametti will share a number of examples of how this change is unfolding and evolving in a number of fields including transportation, customer care, healthcare and manufacturing. »

« From Big Data to Smart Data : challenges and opportunities » - André Bouffioux

« How important is the interaction between the virtual and real worlds in many industries, cities, power utilities today? Which are the opportunities arising from this ? And how digitalization will shape the future and revolutionize manufacturing, energy generation and distribution and make our infrastructures more intelligent ? How Siemens can contribute to transform oceans of unstructured heterogeneous data into customer value? »